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September 02, 2014 10:55 AM | Deleted user

Dear Neighbors,

Approximately 200 trees have been planted in our neighborhood since the first RGNA Tree Project initiative in the fall of 2012. It is wonderful to see so many young trees along our streets. Our efforts were featured in a Morning Call article in 2013 and more recently in a WFMZ Channel 69 story last May. We have been approached by several interested parties who would like to organize similar programs in other neighborhoods.

We are starting our fourth planting initiative for this fall. Orders are due by September 19th. The flyer is available at [WEBSITE LINK].  Additional information is available under the Parks and Garden web page and in the RGNA Blog.

How to Get Involved

We will follow the established plan that has worked in the past. There are three ways to get your name on the list and be a part of the initiative. Individuals may:

1.            Contact David Walker directly at (570) 657-6302.

 2.           Complete the RGNA Tree Initiative form available on the RGNA website or call Becky Bowen at (610) 434-4396 to have their name placed on a list to be contacted by David Walker, who will then call home owners to take an order or to schedule an appointment to visit the property and discuss options with neighbors.  

3.            The third way individuals may become involved is through Rick Howells, Tree Inspector for the City of Allentown, who may contact some neighbors directly regarding the need to replace trees along a city street.

Act now to replant the missing trees along our streets! We have enjoyed the majestic trees in our neighborhood for many years. They are the result of the action taken by others 80 to 100 years ago. Take action to help restore the beauty of our neighborhood!

Park and Garden Committee Members

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