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RGNA Neighborhood Luminaria Display

  • December 14, 2013
  • 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM
  • RGNA neighborhood

4th Annual Luminaria Holiday Evening

The Rose Garden Neighborhood Association will once again "light up the night" with luminaria along the City’s West End sidewalks on Saturday, December 14th for a glowing holiday display for all to enjoy.  The moon will be three-quarters full, adding special ambiance to the evening as you stroll about, perhaps stopping by a friendly porch to meet your neighbors along the way while taking in the crisp night air.  Hope you’ll join us in lighting up your sidewalk for what promises to be a memorable evening display!                      

Date:                Saturday, December 14, 2012 - start candles burning at 5p.m.   

Place:    West End City sidewalks (inner edge, with luminaria spaced five feet apart)    

Simple luminaria how- tos:  

 (1) White lunch bags:        6"x 4"x 12 " (or next smaller size) - bags available selected supermarkets.  

(2) Clean Play sand: fill bag with about 1 to 2” of sand (= approx. 1.5 cups or ~ 1 lb. of sand);  available at hardware stores (Ace, Albrights, Home Depot, Lowes); approx. $3 per 40 lb. bag.  (A 40 lb. bag should handle  40 luminaria if filling bags with about 1.5” of sand.)   

(3) Space bags 5 feet apart along the inner edge of the City sidewalk in front of your home.

 (4) Votive candles*:  5 to 10-hour votives nestled in the sand base provide a nice, long show for all the effort:

        - our previous candle supplier, A-1 Restaurant Supply at 16th St. and Sumner Avenue, is under new ownership and may no longer carry the long-burning votives, so finding these may be challenging, but please do your best and if you find a source, let the neighborhood know by sending the info to – thank you! 

                 (Approx. cost:  ~ $2.60/dozen;  ~ $15.45/6 dozen;  ~ $50.00 /24 dozen = 1 case)

         * note: other types of candles & lights we tested were found to provide less than satisfactory light re duration and/or lumens (e.g., tea lights give a 2 to 4 – hour burn; most LED tea/votive lights were found not to provide ample light.)

 (5) Allow enough time (at least 1 hr.) to set-up your luminaria to begin burning by 5 p.m.!  

To download the above information please click below.

4th Annual Luminaria Notice.doc

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